Marine Policy Speaker Series 2010-11

In the spring of 2011 we had a set of great speakers come to campus as part of Ken Cline and my Marine Policy class. All of the talks were videotaped, and we have taken several of the talks, integrated them with their powerpoints, and they are available to the public on youtube and vimeo. The links to the you tube videos are given below for each talk that we have up. We also have talks online from three different speakers in the spring of 2010 as part of a tutorial on anadromous fish biology and policy.  All of these speakers were funded under our grant from the Long Cove Foundation.  Below is a list of the speakers that have given talks in this series:

Spring 2011 Marine Policy Speaker Series

March 31  Cecily Pingree Pull-Start Pictures, North Haven, Maine
Film making for social change you tube

April 7  Karen Alexander, University of New Hampshire
Historical Marine Ecology in the Gulf of Maine

April 21  Dr. Carla Guenther,  Penobscot East Resource Center
A socioecological analysis of fishery response and impacts of Marine Protected Areas in Santa Barbara, California you tube

April 28  Justin Huston ‘99,  Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Our Coast: The future of coastal management in Nova Scotia

May 19 Ted Ames,  Penobscot East Resource Center
Perspectives on the fine-scale population structure of the cod family (gadids) and how it relates to alewives.

Spring 2010 talks in Marine Policy:

Dr. Jason Stockwell. Gulf of Maine Research Institute.
Alewives in Maine: Identifying Population Structure across Multiple Scales.  Talk given April 5, 2010. you tube

Cheryl Daigle. Penobscot River Restoration Trust  April 12th.
From Katahdin to the Sea: Restoring Ecological and Cultural Connections on the Penobscot River.
Talk given April 12, 2010. No video available at this time.

Dr Beverly Johnson.  Bates College
Changing Coastal Ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine and Other Stories from Old Fish Bones
Talk given April 19,2010. you tube