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Manuscripts in preparation:

Petersen, C.W., N.O.Therkildsen*, S. Salinas*, R.L. Preston, and G.W. Kidder III.  In prep.  The adaptive significance of intertidal spawning in the estuarine fish, Fundulus heterocliuts.   for Copeia

Petersen, C.W., C. Mazzoldi,  and M. Rasotto.  In prep. Comparative gamete characteristics of freshwater fishes from Northeastern Italy

Hess, H. C.,  M. Overstrom-Coleman*, A. T. Fundis *and C. W. Petersen in prep. The roles of facultative and obligate cleaners on a Caribbean coral reef.  In prep for Bulletin of Marine Science.

Lowery, I*., K.S.Cline and C.W. Petersen.  in prep.  The importance of defining and evaluating success in fisheries management.