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In the Italian Alps in 2006

COA folk in the Galapagos 2010

On the left is a picture taken in 2006 while I was in Italy working with Carlotta Mazzoldi and Mariella Rasotto. The photo on the right is from a trip to the Galapagos, from left to right me, Helen Hess, Abby Rowe, Toby Stephenson, and Andrea Perry. Abby, Toby, and Andrea are COA alums.

This academic year (2019-2020), I am only teaching one courses:

Marine Biology in the fall.  This class is an introductory course with about 20 students. This class is designed as a class for incoming students.  It involves a lot of field time, but also some detailed lab and lecture time.

Over winter I will be focusing on senior projects with students and my role as Associate Academic Dean and Director of the Graduate Program.

In the spring, I will on sabbatical.

I description for all of the classes I teach can be found here.

You can learn more about my classes by clicking on the classes link above, or by visiting the COA website (www.coa.edu) and going to academics and classes.  This location has descriptions for all classes currently taught at the college.

A short bit about me:

My scientific research involves a variety of questions concerning the evolution and ecology of marine organisms, emphasizing tropical reef fishes. Most of my work has focused on the reproductive biology of tropical and temperate marine fishes. Undergraduates are involved with me in several research projects, and some have co-authored papers with me.

A growing part of my research program involves issues in marine policy and resource management.  In addition to work on fisheries management and habitat conservation, this work focuses in Maine on both estuarine and anadromous fishes, and I am about to begin a large project on the past and present ecology of Frenchman’s Bay.  I started this webpage in January 2011 as a way to put my undergrads work in the real world and to make some of our collaborative work more available to people.  Its not the prettiest site, but I think its functional and hope it helps.

Contact information:
Chris Petersen
College of the Atlantic, 105 Eden Street, Bar Harbor ME 04609